Fashion is more than just clothing and looks!
Through fashion you express your attitude to life
in a more profound way than just by using words.
With clothes you demonstrate that you are a
human being with specific characteristics.
It is important to feel confident in what you
are wearing. Stay true to yourself!


ökologische Baumwolle



Bagra clothes are made in Croatia in a small family business (Mondeo Textil).
I am in constant contact with the producer and can thus guarantee a sustainable and fair production chain and stand 100% behind the production!

sustainable & fair

845 km further

it goes to our warehouse in Switzerland.

Our packaging 100% made of natural resin

Natural resin is a biodegradable material which is produced in Europe. Due to its good compostability and short transportation distance, natural resin is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials.

We have a lot more than just t-shirts!

I’m Mateo!

My vision is to offer my customers sustainable clothing with good quality that is produced fairly.
Already at the age of 13, I told myself I want to found my own fashion label one day to show people that trendy and sustainable clothing doesn’t always have
to be expensive. It is very important to me that the
production is always 100% transparent

and that all employees are paid fairly for their work.